The Best Food For Sports Party

Finger foods and snacks that can easily be picked up and eaten while watching sports events make ideal treats for a sports party, while COVID-19-compliant entertainment like football trivia or sports charades will keep guests engaged with all of the action.

Sandwiches and pizza are great party fare since they can easily be consumed on-the-go, while you can customize them even further by shaping them in the shape of team jerseys for an added personalized touch.

Hot Wings

An enjoyable sports party requires delicious appetizers to satisfy even the pickiest fans, such as these crispy wings.

Bring the taste of your local sports bar right into your own party with these slow-cooker party wings. Packed full of barbecue sauce, chili peppers and green onions for maximum game-winning potential!

Organize sports party snacks quickly with these printable labels that transform foods into their counterpart sport equipment pieces – Oreos make great hockey pucks, mini donuts are basketballs and cheese balls can become golf balls to provide delicious yet easy game day snacks!

Nutter Butter Referee Cookies

For an easy sports party recipe, look no further. These Nutter Butter Referee Cookies will impress all your guests at your Super Bowl celebration or your little league game’s snack concession stand.

Chocolate gives any item an instant theme match. Try Oreos as hockey pucks or cheese balls as basketballs; or make themed cookies using special cookie cutters to celebrate March Madness watching parties!

Add an extra special touch to your treats with an easily printable tag in football theme, as well as ones featuring personalized message for birthday or other special occasion. We have both general football themed versions as well as customized versions which highlight an age or other information for your convenience.

Football-Shaped Cookies

Football-shaped cookies are an essential addition to any sports-themed party, and children can even make them to show their team spirit!

These oblong cookies come decked out in both chocolate and vanilla frosting for your game day party! Guaranteed to score points!

Mix cookie crumbs and cream cheese together and form 40 (1-inch) balls. Freeze for 10 minutes before dipping them in chocolate; use icing pens to draw laces onto each one!

One BH&G home cook suggests these homemade pretzel bites as the ideal game day snack because they’re self-contained (no dip required!). Use a piping bag fitted with tip #1 to add white details and laces on each ball.

Pizza Dip

Watching sports without snacks just isn’t the same, and this pizza dip is an irresistibly cheesy delight that’s simple to prepare!

Cream cheese, sour cream and oregano come together to form the creamy base for this dip, while parmesan cheese and pepperoni add layer upon layer of flavorful layers. If desired, garnish this delicious appetizer with some sliced green onions before serving for added effect.

This crock pot dip requires minimal prep work and should be ready in less than an hour. The most time-consuming aspect is preparing the toppings; feel free to customize it according to the preferences of your party guests. Serve it alongside baguette slices, tortilla chips or Fritos scoops.

Texas Chili Roll-Ups

No matter whether you’re watching your team play or simply attending for snacks, these game-day treats will please any fan. From grilled cheese sandwiches and chili to easy appetizers like fruit cups and pizza slices, these game day bites will keep all fans fueled throughout the season!

Texas chili can often divide people, and some purists take offense at that. Our recipe features ground chuck, homemade chile paste and plenty of comforting beefy cowboy flavor in one comforting bowl!

Slice tops off hearty dinner rolls, and let guests scoop out centers and fill with Super Quick Chili to create an attractive football-shaped snack. Warming it in the slow cooker ensures guests can enjoy it throughout the game–including commercial breaks!

Sport Jersey Cookies

No matter what sport your guests love, jersey cookies are sure to delight sports fans at your next gathering, event or practice session. Simply use a large shirt/jersey cookie cutter to cut out shapes before decorating with lines, numbers and personalizing with players’ names or numbers for personalization. To prevent the icing drying too quickly it is best to outline each cookie while it is thick then thin any remaining icing and “flood” the area inside its lines with thinned out areas in between its lines for maximum impact!

For this cookie recipe, combine powdered sugar and meringue powder, then slowly add water until the icing reaches a stiff consistency that allows easy pipeability out of a decorating bag tip.